The context in which the Chilean mining industry operates is quickly changing due to a multitude of economic, social and environmental factors; three of the operational aspects that are most affected are water resources, tailings management and the relationship with communities. The Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) from The University of Queensland, and the International Centre of Excellence in Chile (SMI-ICE-Chile), along with El Teniente Division of Codelco recently worked on the development of a roadmap of programs and projects for the operation focused on addressing the current and future challenges associated with water, tailings and social performance management to support the division’s drive towards a more sustainable future.

The process involved four stages which allowed learning in depth about the existing context and dynamics, an analysis of the trends and the relevant best practices, the construction of possible future scenarios and their characteristics, and the development of a vision and plan of action. All processes were highly interactive and included frequent meetings and workshops to ensure the participation and input from Codelco’s team and a deep collaboration with the SMI specialists. The work was successfully completed with a series of reports, a roadmap and a video of the project. The roadmap document and the video are available in the following links.

The full document of the Roadmap is HERE (in Spanish)

You can see the project video in YouTube: